Robotization of business processes

Customer requirements
Material costs and time spending optimization
The increase of working efficiency
Minimisation of faults caused by human errors
Our solution
Affordable for companies of any sizes RPA-platform developed for processes automatisation
The result after implementation
Time of requests processing is reduced on 60 %
Contraction of faults during the data input on 80%
Reduction in spendings on salaries on 30%

Digital core analyzer

Customer requirements
Accuracy of primary core analysis data increasing
Optimization of time and costs wasted on analysis process
Our solution
Digital core analyzer, which can automatize the process of primary core analysis
The result after implementation
Accuracy of core description is increased up to 30%
Reduction up to 80% of costs
Speed-up of the process

Mobile application

Customer requirements
Prompt access of managers to information regarding production
Application that motivates managers to use it
Intuitive interface
Our solution
Mobile app for production managers
The result after implementation
Access to production information from anywhere in the factory
Reducing the time spent on searching and analysing information
Decision-making efficiency

Digital conveyor

Customer requirements
Reduce the cost of conveyor repairs
Determine the amount and moisture content of ore
Identify cuts on the conveyor belt in time
Our solution
Use of Artificial Intelligence for operational tracking of non-metallic materials on the conveyor
The result after implementation
Reduction of the operating cost by 10 %
Reduction of unscheduled downtime of crushing equipment by 50%


Customer requirements
Increase labor productivity
Reduce the number of employees’ injuries
Solve the problem of rapid fatigue
Our solution
Electromechanical device for compensating the body burden
The result after implementation
Reduction of the injury risk
Decline of physical load
Increase of productivity by 30%
Improvement of the employees’ health
Increased safety when moving