Digital Core Analyzer

Automate core analysis and increase the accuracy of indicators up to 30%

Automatic photography of drill core allows to:

  • Identify the proportion of ore mineralization in drill core

  • Identify geological characteristics of materials and make reports with further transfer to the database

  • Classify drill core

  • Make calculations on possible extractions of the useful metal

What are the problems of manual drill core analysis?

The primary analysis in mine gives less reliable predictions

Time overspendings on primary description and documentation lead to idles of drill brigades

High qualified geologist has to stay in a mine during the whole work process.

Digital analysator can identify:

  • Tags

  • Core diameters by drilling intervals

  • Depth marks of wells

  • Intervals of drilling by tags

  • Amount of cracks during one drilling process

  • RQD

  • Mineral composition

анализатор керна

Have doubts if digital analysator is suitable for your company?

Trial analysis

If you have photos or documents of drill core, we can do an analysis of the photo with the help of our system and show you the primary results

Rent of the test kit

you can rent test kit, try to organize the process and then make a decision

Partial integration

Start with integration of core collection and accounting and only afterwards add functions of its identification and description.

Find out more about possibilities of implementation of digital drill core analysator in your business

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