Robotization of business processes

  • The most affordable for companies of any sizes RPA-platform developed for processes automation
  • Does not require having licenses for processes
  • Fast development and integration due to the usage of specific development environment, that does not require high programming skills
Ключевые цели внедрения RPA
Ключевые цели внедрения RPA

Key goals of RPA integration

  • Material costs and time spending optimization
  • The increase of workers’ productivity
  • Minimization of routine work
  • Minimization of faults caused by human errors
  • Integration of innovative technologies
  • The rise of clients’ satisfaction
Ключевые цели внедрения RPA

Advantages of RPA


Robot is at least three times faster than human, and work 24/7


Confidence and control of data access, additional logging


Fast reaction on business growth because of fast robot refinement

Fast integration

Avoidance of IT-systems refinements help to achieve fast integration

Agile settings

Work with any IT-system

Human Resources Development

Reduction of routine operation allows workers to spend more time on complex tasks

Criteria for screening of processes for robotizaton:

  • Processes are suitable for algorithms, based on rules instead of judgments

  • Routine activities that are done several time a day, every day or week

  • High labor input

  • Few exceptions in rules for processes

Критерии отбора процессов для роботизации:
Дополнительные критерии:

Additional criteria:

  • Processes affect multiple systems, that are not fully integrated

  • Require better control

  • Require data collection from multiple systems

  • Require transfer of data from on system to another

  • Require data checking in multiple systems

  • Require entry of similar data in different systems

Simple operations

  • Open and close apps, web-clients and e-mail systems (including attachments)

  • Moving inside apps (ERP, CRM etc.)

  • Create and files and folders

  • Open links and emulate clicks

  • Automatically switch between apps

  • Fill and copy forms

  • Upload data from external sources in program interface and data base

  • Compare and check data

  • Make mathematical calculations

  • Work with conditions and cycles

  • Identify texts (PDF/DOC/XLS)

  • Perform multilevel data recheck of the inputted by people information

Продвинутые операции

Advanced operations

  • Communicate with clients in messengers via chat-bots

  • Use prediction analytics for decision-making process management, basing on statistic and intellectual analysis of data

  • Use intellectual recognition primary and other documents

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